Sending Your Parent Home From The Hospital? Get The Medical Supplies You Need On A Dime

If your parent is going home from the hospital and will need home health care and you're worried about some of the medical supplies they'll need, you'll want to shop around. You don't want to just pay for the items the home health care company brings, because they make a commission on the items, and items directly from the hospital can be expensive.

Instead, try online supplies and stores to see if you can get the lowest rate. The hospital should have a full list of the items you need before you bring your parent home. These are just a few items that are often cheaper online.

CPAP Supplies

The CPAP facemask is something that you should only have to buy once, and you can purchase this from an online medical supply store instead of renting it or purchasing it from the nearest medical supply store. This will help you save money, and you can keep the supplies in case you need to use them again in the future.


Disposable catheters are great because you don't have to worry about cleaning or sanitizing them, and you toss them out easily after use. They are affordable and you can buy them in bulk so the home health care staff doesn't have to constantly order more or charge you for more. You can get any size you need online. 

Dressings and Physical Therapy Items

Do your parents have a surgical site or bed wounds that need taken care of? These can easily be taken care of by ordering all of the gauze and wraps in bulk. You can also get bands, weights or other physical therapy items at online stores. These will all be high quality and just like the materials or products you would get in the hospital or from the home health care company.

If your parent needs a lot of items at home to make sure they get the care needed, but the items that you need in large quantities at a low cost online. You won't have to stress about your parent running out of something when you can't get there to restock it, and you won't be worried about paying the high prices home health care companies or medical supply stores in the area charge for the items. Ask for a specific list with all the sizes, dimensions and other specifics for the items your parent needs and get them delivered right away.