Medical Supplies For Chronic Bladder Illnesses

Medical supplies and devices are not just for people in home health situations. There are circumstances where you will need medical supplies and specific devices for chronic health issues. A leading chronic issue that may lead you to need ongoing supplies is having a chronic bladder illness. Here are some of the supplies you may need and what to know about each one. 

Catheter Supplies

The leading and most common form of medical supplies for chronic bladder illness are catheter supplies. These supplies consist of catheters as well as cleaning solutions and sterilizing solutions to keep them clean and safe. You may also need catheter bags and related bag covers. These are all ongoing supplies you would need on a routine basis in order to maintain your bladder health and deal with the issues related to your chronic bladder ailments. 

Incontinence Care Supplies

In some cases, you may be suffering from a chronic bladder illness that leads to incontinence. This means you will need ongoing and routine delivery of incontinence supplies such as pads or briefs. These can be ordered from medical supplies and medical device companies. The company will be able to help you determine how many you will need during a week or a month. You can choose the replenishment date and begin setting up your delivery options. The medical supply company will work with your insurance if it is a viable resource for payment. 

Skincare Supplies

You may not think of skincare when you think of your bladder illness or the supplies you need. The truth is, you do need special skincare supplies. Your skin can break out and break down due to the urine that comes in contact with your skin. Even with incontinence briefs and pads, there can still be moisture that is caught between the pad and skin. For this reason, you need to have cleansing clothes, lotion, and sometimes powder. If you are unsure of what types of skincare supplies you need for your particular illness, your medical supply representative can help you choose the right ones.

If you need any of these medical supplies, or if you are suffering from another chronic illness that requires supplies, contact your local supply company. They can help you with the right supplies for your needs. They can also discuss ordering options, mail order options, and how to place a subscription order to receive your medical supplies on a routine basis.