Could Virtual Reality Therapy Help Your Chronic Back Pain?

Some people may be surprised to learn that virtual reality (VR) devices can be used in the medical field to help people manage pain. For instance, one study found that when burn patients used VR devices, they reported reduced procedural pain. While VR devices used to just be used at medical facilities, the FDA has cleared at-home devices for people with chronic moderate to severe back pain. Read on to learn more about these devices and how they could be beneficial to your chronic back pain.

Medical Supplies For Chronic Bladder Illnesses

Medical supplies and devices are not just for people in home health situations. There are circumstances where you will need medical supplies and specific devices for chronic health issues. A leading chronic issue that may lead you to need ongoing supplies is having a chronic bladder illness. Here are some of the supplies you may need and what to know about each one.  Catheter Supplies The leading and most common form of medical supplies for chronic bladder illness are catheter supplies.