Hello, It's Me: Improving Your Phone Conversations While Wearing A Hearing Aid

Sound is an important part of life, but you may not realize its importance until experiencing hearing loss. From misunderstanding important instructions at work or school to the inability of enjoying music and your child's choral performance, hearing loss can wreak havoc on your physical and emotional wellbeing. While surprising to hear, an estimated 48 million Americans suffer from a form of hearing loss. Fortunately, the use of hearing aids has helped a large part of this percentage. 

Wearing a hearing aid is beneficial is helpful for many, but it can cause some noisy feedback during a telephone conversation. Static, interference, and a poor overall quality of sound are common during phone conversations while wearing a hearing aid. In many cases, this feedback makes it difficult understanding the person on the other end while limiting the clarity of your own voice. Thankfully, improving your phone conversations while wearing a hearing aid using a few simple tips.

Proper Positioning

Holding your phone in the proper position is essential while wearing a hearing aid. It is important to steady the phone in a way where the sound flows directly into your aid's microphone.

To direct the sound properly into your hearing aid's microphone, tilt the receiver end of the phone over your cheekbone. Then, move the phone's top slightly over your ear.

If you are using a mobile phone, check with the manufacturer to determine if it is compatible with your specific hearing aid. Contact your manufacturer directly or look in the following places to determine compatibility:

  • Display card of phone in the store
  • Packing of mobile phone
  • User's manual of mobile phone

If it is not compatible, you may experience a great deal of buzzing, whistling, and vibrating while utilizing the phone with your hearing aid.


An estimated 60 percent of hearing aids include a telecoil for reduced feedback and a better sound while using the telephone. Also known as a t-coil, this accessory serves as a wireless speaker or antenna for your hearing aid. Not only will the telecoil reduce annoying feedback while having a conversation on the phone, but it also amplifies sound in a clear, concise manner.

Hearing aids are equipped with telecoils for patients with a more severe case of hearing loss, so discuss the option of this innovative feature with an audiologist (such as one from Advantage Hearing & Audiology).

Wearing your hearing aid is important for not only your quality of sound but also your quality of life. Using these tips, you will be able to hear and speak clearly on the phone while wearing your aid.