Top Tips For Choosing An Aquafacial Unit For Your Practice

As the skincare industry continues to grow in both popularity and demand, many medical spas and skincare treatment practices offer aquafacial treatments for their clients. An aquafacial treatment is a non-invasive way to replenish your skin and see immediate results. By safely removing dead skin cells and utilizing an infusion of antioxidants and vitamins, the skin is polished and rehydrated without the irritation or discomfort associated with other procedures. If your practice is looking to perform aquafacial treatments, it's important to choose the best machine for the job. These tips will help you find the ideal aquafacial unit to meet your clients' needs.

1) Look for an aquafacial unit with multiple treatment handles.

One of the most essential aspects of an aquafacial unit is its ability to perform a variety of rejuvenating tasks. Aquafacial machines that contain several different treatment handles can help ensure that you have all of the necessary tools at your fingertips to cleanse, moisturize, and hydrate the skin. With a wide range of handles available on one unit, you won't need to switch between machines to accomplish several skincare techniques. Try to find a unit with treatment handles that will exfoliate, remove blackheads, and infuse the skin with a collagen serum. Aquafacial units typically come with treatment handles in assorted sizes, so be sure to think about which handles are best for you based on your comfort level.

2) Select an aquafacial unit with a multi-functional LCD display screen.

As you are performing an aquafacial treatment, you'll want to use a machine that is easy to read. To make the process easier, it's a good idea to purchase an aquafacial unit that contains a large LED display screen. Look for a unit that shows you all of the information you need during the procedure at a quick glance. A touch screen is ideal as well. Additionally, make sure that the screen is multi-functional. The display screen should include a timer, a visual representation of the treatment step you are currently conducting, and an indicator of the amount of dead skin that has been extracted at any given moment. The more details that you can see on the display screen, the smoother the treatment will be.

3) Pick an aquafacial unit that fits your budget.

The costs of a new aquafacial unit can vary significantly, depending on the size and functions that the machine can perform. You'll need to decide which elements are most important for your clients and keep your particular budget in mind when you are picking the right machine that meets those needs. Units that offer more functions are usually pricier than smaller machines. However, it's important to remember that superior results are achieved with units that can handle numerous steps in the procedure. Ultimately, you should take the time to look for an aquafacial unit that has the features you want without breaking your bank. 

A new aquafacial unit can be a great way to give your clients a reliable method of improving the look and feel of their skin. If your practice plans to start offering aquafacials or if you simply want to upgrade your current machine, be sure to choose one that will provide the best rejuvenating functions at the most affordable price. 

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